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Credible insights from professionals and streamlined access to invest in hedge funds, crypto funds, venture capital funds, and more.

"It's difficult to get insights directly from top alternative fund managers and even harder to invest your money with them. Prometheus changes that." 

Michael Wang
Michael Wang
CEO and Founder

Prometheus is a place to learn from investment professionals and gain access to alternative funds

Our platform allows everyone to socialize with credible investment professionals plus makes investing in hedge funds, venture capital funds, crypto funds, and other alternative products easier than ever before.

The Power of Professionals

Cut through the noise. Discover opinions from
innovative investors behind some of the top-performing alternative funds and increase your knowledge of markets to empower your investing.

Feed Your Interests

Interested in NFTs? Hedge funds? Real estate? Create a curated feed of content to learn about investments that excite you from the professionals who understand them.

Enriching conversations lead to a wealth of opportunity

Learn the Landscape

With a sea of options out there how could anyone decide where to put their money? Prometheus provides content directly from the professionals behind top alternative funds, explaining their performance and the philosophies that will shape their future.

Invest Smarter

Managing your money is a full-time job. At Prometheus, you can learn about innovative investment products that fit your needs and let professional money managers do what they do best.

Raise more capital for your fund

Are you a fund manager? Prometheus makes it easier than ever to generate buzz about your investment products. Raise capital and get your message out to investors at scale.

Find the Capital You Need

Prometheus helps emerging and established managers of all strategies connect with the right capital at scale, bringing their edge to life in ways next-generation investors want.


Our compliant platform supports all alternative strategies and both HNW and institutional investors.

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Social networking, elevated

The look and feel of our app may feel familiar to social app users. The focus on investment and the credibility and knowledge of the people in our community make all the difference.

Wealth Solutions

Professional wealth advisors and asset managers are partnering with Prometheus to help them reach their most important goals.

Win and retain clients

Cultivate excitement in your strategies by posting content that speaks to your investment philosophy.

Gain a competitive edge

Utilize actionable insights and education direct from top investment professionals in our community.

Achieve business scale

Spend more of your time managing wealth. Grow your business more efficiently and raise your visibility through engagement.

Strengthen client portfolios

Diversify into alternatives products that have had little visibility until now.

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